Licensing overview and Disclaimer

All music on this site is Royalty Free and cost $1 for a unlimted download membership. Pay only $1 dollar, one time and get unlimited access membership to download any and all downloadble music, The audio file comes with “Hassle-free” unlimited lifetime licensing use for worldwide audio and video productions provided by music professionals around the world who contribute to AudioDollar’s massive free audio library. 100% Royalty-free to use in all your productions. If you don't see a download button or link next to the audio track that lets you download it instantaly and director to you, that means the individual music producer of that profile who produced the music has chosen to sell their music with a different license and price. Contact them directly for more information or check out the options listed on the audio track info page.

Disclaimer of rights. AudioDollar.com holds sales rights on all music found on this site so you are NOT allowed to do is share, re-sell, reproduce, or otherwise transfer the music by itself to any other individual or entity without our permission. Any attempt to reproduce, share or re-sell the music itself will subject you to legal prosecution. This audio is protected by the copyright license laws of the United States and other countries who provide for severe criminal penalties including fines, imprisonment and injunctive relief. You ARE permitted to sell and distribute along within, in other words your unique project contains the music like a DVD film in which you use AudioDollar music as it’s main soundtrack. Please read more about license details by reading the personal license agreement found in the link below.

*The price to download is $1 dollar for unlimited downloads. Remember helping pay the $1 dollar, for umlimited downloads for all audio tracks helps us keep the server up and running, you must pay the $1 dollar before downloading the music or the license, Audiodollar is NOT a free website. Another way to legally download the audio is if you purchsed another product that is an affliate company of Audiodollar.com in which you should have recieved a certificate of download.

If you download the music on this website, after you pay the $1, you will get this license agreement along with a certificate of download.